Flat Packables - Fun to give, Fun to receive, and Fun to use in your daily life.

We create a series of “flat-packable”products that add a touch of fun and warmth to your daily life. Our products are created through a combination of high-quality materials, laser-cut technology, and craftsman’s hand finish. As a user, you can be a part of the process by taking the pieces out of the box and assembling them into a finished product. This way, you can feel the bees wax finish as well. We can also reduce the gas emission in shipping for they come in our original compact gift boxes!
We hope you enjoy Flat Packables in your home and as a gift!

Please feel free to reach us if you have any questions --> flatpackables@gmail.com


日々の生活に彩りを添えるプロダクトをFlat Packables独自のユニークな方法で折りたたみ可能にしました。


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